Rafael MFVO

South Main Street, Rochester, NH 03867
June 1, 2020 - July 31, 2020

Originally from Brazil and based in Los Angeles for the past eight years, Rafael MFVO has worked as an Art Director, Graphic Designer and Illustrator for various industries, combining 10 years of experience in the business. His work has been awarded by Clio Entertainment and featured in design and advertising publications, both in print and digital.

Coined by American ​Author Ibram Xolani Kendi​ the term ‘Antiracist’ is getting a lot of notoriety lately. When artist Rafael MFVO came across the term, a few weeks ago, he felt an urge to raise awareness about antiracism. For him, it was like he was hit by a lightning bolt. “We all need to learn about this. We can build a better future by taking antiracist actions” says the Brazilian LA-based artist who feels deeply for minorities as a Brown, Queer Immigrant.

He decided to use his skills for the greater good and create visual art around being an antiracist. Through a publicly available ​Google Slide Document​, he made the campaign available to whoever wants to download and use these assets to support an antiracist cause. Files were made available in print and digital format.

Print shops from all over the country are donating their services to make the message reach thousands of people. What started from a small desk with a good intention is having a rippling effect. The posters were printed and continue to be printed in big cities and small towns like Los Angeles (where the artist is based), New York, Detroit, Boston, Kansas City, Portland, Columbia, Cincinnati, Lancaster, Seattle, Austin and Miami.

The risographs for this exhibition were printed by Directangle Press. ​Directangle Press is a small printshop and publishing house specializing in printed and bound artist editions. Founded in the hills of Athens, Ohio in 2014, we had a brief stint in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and our letterpress and risograph studio is now located in the heart of beautiful Goffstown, New Hampshire. Visit www.directanglepress.com to learn more. 

The artist continues working to make this campaign reach more people and has outreached from his own email to editorial teams, advertising agencies, artists’ agents and organizations to support this cause. The goal is that these pieces continue to live long after the peak of the ‘news cycle’ is over and use his art as a vehicle for antiracism.

Special thanks to Apotheca Flower Shoppe for providing the prints and Tri-City Bicycles for coordinating the exhibition space. Visit www.apothecaflowershoppe.com and www.tricitybicycles.com to learn more about their products and services. The Rochester Museum of Fine Arts encourages the public to donate to Black Lives Matter

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