Boards and Committees

Our boards and committees, consisting of individuals with diverse backgrounds, oversee the strategic direction, financial stewardship, and accountability of the Rochester Museum of Fine Arts. Regular virtual meetings facilitate high-level decision-making and collaboration. Specialized committees, like the Art Advisory Committee, contribute to specific objectives, such as nominating artworks and proposing exhibitions. These collective efforts form the backbone of the governance for the nonprofit, driving positive impact and community engagement.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors for the Rochester Museum of Fine Arts is the governing body of the 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Members focus on the high-level strategy, oversight, treasury, and accountability. The group is comprised of founders, business and nonprofit partners, and community members. Meetings are held virtually on a semi-annually basis and as needed.

Matt WyattPresident[email protected]
Amy ReganVice President[email protected]
Devin SwettDirector[email protected]
Mark SullivanDirector[email protected]
Michael GuiletteDirector[email protected]

Art Advisory Committee

The Art Advisory Committee for the Rochester Museum of Fine Arts is responsible for nominating art to the museum’s collection and proposing exhibitions for the museum’s galleries. The committee is comprised of artists, educators, and community members who have an interest in promoting the arts and furthering the museum’s mission to make art accessible to all. The committee holds virtual meetings every first Monday at 7:00 pm. To nominate an artist to the committee, complete this online submission.

Peter AbateMember[email protected]May 1, 2016
Becky BarsiMember[email protected]May 1, 2023
Julee KatzmanMemberkatzmancontemporaryprojects.comMay 1, 2023
Laura Harper LakeMember[email protected]May 1, 2023
Amy ReganEx officio[email protected]November 16, 2011
Susan SchwakeMember[email protected]May 1, 2023
Matt WyattEx officio[email protected]November 16, 2011