Wen Redmond

Sewn Textile Assemblage
ID Number: 0023

Wen Redmond is an accomplished mixed media artist whose works inspire and challenge viewers to look beyond traditional fiber art forms. She employs a variety of media, including fabric, paper, paint, and digital imagery, to create thought-provoking pieces that reflect her unique artistic vision. Wen’s approach to art is deeply intuitive, and she is dedicated to cultivating the creative spirit in herself and others.

Her art and teaching explore the creative process, inspiring a new awakening to personal creativity. Wen’s work has been widely exhibited both nationally and internationally and has won numerous awards. She has authored articles for magazines, contributed to books and videos, and taught mixed media workshops in the United States and abroad.

As Wen explains, “I am dedicated to empowering others to explore their creativity through the process of making art. I am inspired by the flow of energy in creating, the transformative power of artistic expression, and the role of the arts in our lives.” With her unique approach to mixed media art, Wen Redmond continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in fiber art and inspire others to embrace their own creative potential.