Various Artists

A Collaborative Effort
Mixed Media
ID Number: 0074

One night, a group of artists gathered in an old mill studio in Manchester, NH for an all-night art party. As the evening wore on, the group became increasingly inspired and began collaborating on a large piece of art. Heather Hilton and Lisa Arnold started with a bold brush stroke, while Marcus Greene and Eileen Greene added a splash of color. Sam Johnson brought in some texture with his unique technique, while Carol Whalen and Adrienne Silversmith added some depth and contrast. Stephen Greene and Ian Greene added some intricate details and Tina Guay put the finishing touches on the piece. The result was a masterpiece that captured the essence of the wild night that inspired it. The group was so pleased with their creation that they decided to donate it to the Rochester Museum of Fine Arts, where it was met with great acclaim. The piece became a symbol of the artists’ collaboration and a reminder of the magical night they shared.