Tyler Pearce

ID Number: 0223

Tyler Pearce is a talented abstract painter based in the Seacoast area of New Hampshire. Tyler’s passion for art stems from a deep desire to make sense of himself and the world around him. His artwork is a reflection of his journey toward self-discovery, as he navigates the highs and lows of life and continues to learn about the world ahead.

Working with acrylics allows Tyler to move quickly and capture his thoughts in a tangible form before they fade away. Geometric shapes, curves, patterns, and vibrant colors are often highlighted in his artwork, demonstrating his ability to find beauty in the world around him. For Tyler, art is not just a form of self-expression but a way to explore and explain his identity and the self in a way that words cannot.

As Tyler explains, “In my paintings, above anything, I’m trying to make sense of myself and the world around me. The hills and people of San Francisco led me to abstract painting, where my mania has a vessel set loose and used as a tool of creation as opposed to spreading into an uncontrolled wildfire. My paintings give me something to focus on that once finished I can look back on and gain a deeper understanding of life experiences and trauma.”

Tyler’s artwork is a testament to the power of creativity and the human spirit. His unique perspective and ability to convey complex emotions through his art have won him numerous admirers in the Seacoast area and beyond.

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