Tom Glover

ID Number: 0103

Tom Glover is an accomplished artist, photographer, and teacher, based in New Hampshire. He began his artistic journey studying under renowned artists John Laurent, John Hatch, Sigmund Abeles, and Conley Harris at the University of New Hampshire. He continued his education under Laurent’s mentorship and followed his advice to study the great masters in Europe, traveling to Rome, Florence, Milan, Paris, Amsterdam, and Madrid.

Throughout his career, Glover has embarked on various retreats and expeditions to find inspiration for his art. He spent a week on the White Island of the Isles of Shoals off the coast of New Hampshire, where he was able to immerse himself in his art and enjoy uninterrupted time to paint, draw, and write. He has also explored Block Island and Great Spruce Head Island, where he had free range to explore and access to kayaks and rowboats to explore the surrounding islands.

Glover’s paintings are often based on the places he visits and the experiences he has there. He has exhibited his work in various galleries throughout New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Maine. His exhibitions have allowed him to travel extensively, visiting Italy, England, Ireland, Costa Rica, New Mexico, Arizona, Prince Edward Island, and Nova Scotia.

In addition to his artistic pursuits, Glover has taught at the University of New Hampshire and currently teaches at Sanctuary Arts in Eliot, Maine. He has been an Artist in Residence on Appledore Island for the Shoals Marine Laboratory, and he is a certified Weed Scuba Diver in the state of New Hampshire. Glover is also an oil painting restorer and works as a picture framer and art restorer at Riverstones Custom Framing in Rochester, NH.