Soosen Dunholter

Trabadelo 6
Mixed Media
ID Number: 0089

Soosen Dunholter is an artist whose works are inspired by nature and the meditative process of creating art. Through her collage and monoprint techniques, she captures the beauty and chaos of the natural world in a harmonious and intuitive way. Soosen’s love for nature is reflected in her daily practice of walking, which she finds similarly meditative to her art process.

“I love collecting materials and images, thinking and pondering, and then launching into the hands-on aspect of making art when the spirit moves me,” says Soosen. “By utilizing a meditative or intuitive process, I orchestrate the array of chaos around me until all the diverse elements find their ideal fit and fall into place in perfect harmony.”

Soosen’s work is a reflection of her passion for nature and the serenity that it brings. Her art is an extension of her daily practice of walking in nature, and it allows her to remain grounded in the moment. With no preconceived ideas or sketches, Soosen’s work is a true reflection of the intuitive and meditative process that she embraces. Her art is a celebration of the beauty of nature and the harmony that can be found within it.