Shiao-Ping Wang

ID Number: 0227

Born in Taiwan and embracing the creative tapestry of the United States since her immigration in 1981, Shiao-Ping Wang is a versatile artist whose unique journey has been shaped by both Western and Chinese artistic traditions. With an academic foundation in New York and an MFA from Queens College, City University of New York, Wang navigates the realms of abstract and observational art across various painting media.

Wang’s artistic language resonates with patterns of a constructive nature—architectural graphs, weaving patterns, and city maps. She seamlessly weaves these elements into her compositions, layering shapes and elements with acrylic paint and medium. The result is a gradual and coherent interplay of translucency, forming a visual narrative that speaks volumes.

In the realm of artistic execution, intuition guides Wang more than knowledge. She seeks the point where patterns become emotionally vital, a space where narratives evolve into repetitions and rhythms. Through this, Wang transforms forms into potent conveyors of emotions, replacing mere anecdotes with compelling stories.

Wang’s works have graced exhibitions throughout the US and China, embodying the cross-cultural dialogue she embodies. Beyond her artistic pursuits, she imparts her wisdom as an educator, having shared her passion for painting and drawing at esteemed institutions, including the University of New Hampshire.

Her contributions have earned her accolades, with a Fellowship at Vermont Studio Center in 2007 underlining her dedication. The subsequent year, Wang’s prowess earned her the Spotlight Award for Best Painter in the Seacoast.

Shiao-Ping Wang’s artistic odyssey is a fusion of cultural influences and intuitive creativity. Her work transcends conventional boundaries, inviting viewers to explore the interplay of patterns and emotions, ultimately unveiling stories that resonate universally.

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