Ryan Tempro

Self Portraits
Photo Transfer
ID Number: 0180

Ryan Tempro is a contemporary artist whose work explores the relationship between technology and art. Born and raised in a world surrounded by technology, Ryan’s fascination with pixelation and abstraction is evident in his paintings and printmaking.

Using a grid as his structure, Ryan pixelates and abstracts photographs through the application of paint, creating a unique visual effect that is similar to enlarged pixelated images. Each square is painted individually, and the colors often vary slightly from square to square, emphasizing the fragmented nature of technology.

Ryan’s work is inspired by artists such as Chuck Close and Nick Leopard, whose work explores abstracting human forms through simplified generalizations. Through his large self-portraits, Ryan explores the limitations of how abstract a portrait of himself can become while still being recognizable as a familiar face.

Ryan’s work reflects his interest in screens and flatness, and his paintings are a physical representation of how technology abstracts and fragments our world. His work has been exhibited in several galleries, and his unique approach to painting has earned him recognition in the art community.