Pradip Kumar Sau

ID Number: 0175

Pradip Kumar Sau is a figurative and semi-realistic painter based in Kolkata, West Bengal. He received his Master of Visual Arts degree from Rabindra Bharati University. Sau has established himself as a prominent artist in India, having been featured in four solo shows and numerous group shows across the country. His exhibitions have taken place in prestigious venues such as Birla Academy of Art & Culture in Kolkata, Gallery Synagogue Art Gallery in Kochi, Chola Sheraton in Chennai, Jehangir Art Gallery in Mumbai, and Lokayata Art Gallery in New Delhi. Sau’s work captures the essence of the human form in a unique and captivating way, showcasing his exceptional talent and artistic skill. His paintings are a stunning testament to his dedication to the craft and his ability to create beautiful and thought-provoking art.