Paul Glorioso

Public Lands
Mixed Media
ID Number: 0030

Paul Glorioso is a distinguished artist and art educator who has made an impressive mark in the world of art. He holds a degree in art education and a Masters Degree in Humanities from Hofstra University in New York. Paul taught art for over thirty years on Long Island and during that time, he exhibited his work extensively in the New York City metropolitan area.

Paul’s art has been featured in several prestigious institutions, including the permanent collections of the Islip Art Museum in New York, Nassau Community College in New York, and the Oklahoma Art Center in Oklahoma. His works have been lauded for their innovative and captivating use of mixed media, and he is renowned for his skill as a printmaker-collagist.

Since retiring to New Hampshire, Paul has focused on creating mixed media reliefs, building on his impressive legacy as an artist. His work continues to inspire and engage audiences around the world, and he remains a celebrated figure in the contemporary art scene.