Morli Wilcox

We Are Connected
ID Number: 0100

Molecular and organic formations inspire this painter whose abstract works are made up of a metaphysical and psychokinetic connection to the all-energy-encompassing life force. The results are beautifully woven shapes, movements, and patterns that layer together boldly in a micro-organic explosion of expression, structurally intuitive in capacity.

“I’ve become focused on abstract expressionism. I call it “chaos theory expressionism.” I can do portraits. I can do landscapes. But I can’t let myself completely go when I’m trying to copy something that’s in front of me. Abstract work is the only work I’ve discovered that you’re able to let yourself go. The rules create themselves as the piece develops. I’ve been compared to Jackson Pollock before. When I compared his work to mine it wasn’t that they looked the same, but it was more once I started researching more of a mathematical process of his work that I had to admit to myself that we were similar as far as our application. Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and Cindy Sherman are influences of mine. Not necessarily because of their style but more of their perspective.”