Michelle Fidelis Blandina

ID Number: 0226

New Hampshire native Michelle Fidelis Blandina specializes in oil painting and printmaking. She currently operates out of Chases Garage Artist Studios in York, ME, where she continues to develop her craft. She earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Illustration from the New Hampshire Institute of Art, with a focus on figure painting and monotype printmaking.

Michelle’s art is marked by a bold and innovative approach to technique. She often integrates her mediums in surprising and unexpected ways, resulting in truly unique pieces. Her work is heavily inspired by the people and patterns she encounters in her personal life. Friends, family, and their personal effects all serve as inspiration for her expressive portraits and abstract prints.

What sets Michelle’s work apart is her willingness to explore the darker aspects of the human experience. By highlighting these “imperfections” through her art, she seeks to bring them to the forefront of our consciousness and spark a conversation about their origins and meaning. Her work is simultaneously challenging and deeply engaging, encouraging viewers to look inward and confront their own hidden complexities.

Michelle currently resides in Southern Maine with her husband and son, where she continues to create thought-provoking and inspiring art. Her work has been exhibited in galleries across the region and has won critical acclaim from both peers and patrons alike.

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