Megan Galante

Rainbow Cheetah
Digital Edition
ID Number: 0131

Megan Galante is a multi-talented artist who has successfully combined her love of painting and interiors to create stunning designs for a variety of mediums. With a degree in painting from The Fashion Institute of Technology, Megan began her career in the home textile industry, using her talents to create hand-painted designs for upholstery, bedding, throw pillows, wall coverings, apparel, and stationery.

Megan’s passion for exploring new projects has led her to expand her artistic repertoire. In her Hudson Valley studio, she dedicates her time to experimenting with different mediums, including painting on silk, fashion illustration, and working with fibers and natural dyes. Her dedication to her craft and desire to constantly evolve as an artist has led her to create unique and captivating works.

Megan’s designs have been featured in numerous publications, and her clients include top names in the fashion and home decor industries. She continues to push boundaries in her work, combining traditional techniques with contemporary design to create one-of-a-kind pieces that captivate and inspire.