Marissa Girard

Oil & Encaustic
ID Number: 0179

Marissa Girard, a native of Goffstown, NH, is a senior pursuing her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting degree from the New Hampshire Institute of Art in Manchester. Here, her professors have encouraged her to explore work further than the traditional landscape. While at NHIA, she has been introduced to the work of numerous philosophers, including Martin Heidegger and Immanuel Kant. These writings challenged her to work deeper, exploring the realm of what beauty is and why its existence holds meaning.

While searching for alternatives to pure oil paint, Marissa began experimenting with mixing paint with cold wax medium. The unpredictability and depth of this technique was one that gave Marissa the ability to achieve the surface texture that she had always strived for. Working this way allowed Marissa to layer sheets of color and create deep rifts in the surface of the paint. The combination of raw beeswax and oil paint takes well to the concepts of beauty and nature she conveys in her work. Marissa continues to explore the effects of human existence in landscape, particularly by combining nature’s organic beauty with the graphic, hard-edged qualities of infrastructure.