Liz Wilson

ID Number: 0149

“My canvas is a board I bounce my thoughts off, without knowing what will come back. The act of painting itself affects me, and throws things my way that I cannot predict. In the act of painting, I am able to walk through my mind and travel avenues I have not yet traveled. I return to paths walked before and revisit them, rewriting them. The way in which I react to the spontaneity of the paint itself reveals new and old points of view and parts of myself. The creation is something outside of myself, a product of my process, of my play.

These paintings are impressions of my experience in the world at a specific moment. When I am able to focus inward, I see in my mind’s eye my sensory experience translated into shape and color. This experience is part of my reality; it is the author, creator of my painting language. In the process of making the images, I simplify and to a degree caricaturize my experiences. The source of the images is specific. However, what I am depicting is the sensation that I took from a moment.

There are three sources of inspiration from which I work. These include memory, visualization, and improvisation. When I am in the studio, all of these sources of inspiration are present. However, at one time one of these sources is always more prominent than the other.”