Liz Wilson

ID Number: 0149

Liz Wilson is a professional artist who uses her canvas to explore the depths of her mind and express her experiences in a unique and spontaneous way. She is deeply inspired by the act of painting itself and the unpredictability that comes with it.

Wilson explains that her canvas is a board she bounces her thoughts off of, never quite knowing what will come back. She finds that the act of painting affects her and throws things her way that she cannot predict. For her, painting is a way to walk through her mind and travel avenues she has not yet explored. She revisits paths walked before and rewrites them, reacting to the spontaneity of the paint itself and revealing new and old points of view and parts of herself.

Wilson’s paintings are impressions of her experiences in the world at a specific moment. She explains that when she is able to focus inward, she sees in her mind’s eye her sensory experience translated into shape and color. This experience is part of her reality, and it is the author and creator of her painting language. In the process of creating her images, Wilson simplifies and caricaturizes her experiences. The source of the images is specific, but what she depicts is the sensation that she took from a moment.

There are three sources of inspiration from which Wilson works: memory, visualization, and improvisation. She explains that when she is in the studio, all of these sources of inspiration are present, but at any given time, one of these sources is always more prominent than the others.

Through her unique and spontaneous process, Liz Wilson creates art that is a product of her play and her process. Her paintings are a reflection of her experiences and a manifestation of the way in which she interacts with the world around her.