Lisa Paige

Frog Dissection
ID Number: 0095

Lisa Paige is a contemporary artist known for her innovative approach to embroidery. Her work pushes the boundaries of traditional embroidery by incorporating unconventional and irreverent subject matter.

As Lisa explains, “So many people have returned to embroidery lately as an art form, you could talk about it being elevated from craft to art.” She believes that embroidery offers a unique opportunity for artists to connect with their work on a personal level. “There is a turning away from slick commercial art, back to ‘evidence of hand.’ People want to know the art they are holding was made by someone that is accessible to them and not high brow.”

Lisa’s work often incorporates humorous and irreverent subject matter, which she believes makes it more accessible to a wider audience. “Our grandmothers embroidered, so it connects us through time and place,” she says. “The irreverent subject matter makes it even more accessible because it’s humorous.”

Lisa’s work has been exhibited in galleries and museums around the world, and her unique approach to embroidery has garnered attention from collectors and critics alike. She continues to push the boundaries of the medium, exploring new techniques and subject matter with each new piece.