Lindsay Gwinn Parker

ID Number: 0214

Lindsay is a New England native who has spent the past 25 years honing her artistic skills. Her passion for art was inspired by her grandfather, a realist landscape painter, who exposed her to the creative process at a young age. After experimenting with different painting styles while traveling the United States, her work has been exhibited in galleries worldwide, including New York and London. Currently based in New Hampshire, Lindsay’s work centers around conveying the passage of time and its effect on individuals and their surroundings.

Through her work, Lindsay seeks to capture moments that have been stripped of context or suspended between the past and the future. Her figurative pieces often highlight the disparity between our raw emotional experiences and the idealized versions of ourselves that we present to the world. Although Lindsay occasionally works with watercolor on paper, she primarily utilizes acrylic paint on canvas for its versatility in achieving visual effects like blurring and transparency while also allowing for defined layers of detail.

While Lindsay’s work is not location-specific, she is most inspired by scenes and subjects that are in a state of transition, such as dawn, dusk, passing storms, or people in motion. Her focus on color saturation and contrast allows her to create striking visual effects that capture the essence of these moments.

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