Liese Gauthier

Mixed Media
ID Number: 0039

Liese Gauthier is a talented mixed-media abstract artist based in Tuftonboro, New Hampshire. Her vibrant and expressive works combine painting, collage, and mark-making to convey a sense of energy and joy. Born in Lawrence, Massachusetts in 1974, Liese obtained her degree from Colorado College in 1996 before completing her Masters of Teaching at the University of New Hampshire in 1998.

According to Liese, abstract art provides her with a unique opportunity to explore new ways of creating. From scribbling with pencils to scraping layers of wet paint with a screwdriver, she is constantly challenging herself to come up with fresh ideas and techniques. For Liese, every painting is a series of decisions, from selecting the colors and elements to varying the value, shape, and size. By working in layers, she builds interest and history in the work, using collage to add structure before painting over it to add interest. As she makes these decisions, she learns and grows as an artist.

Liese believes that her best work comes from a mental shift into exploration and play, supported by a scaffolding of theory and technique. By letting go of expectations and creating layers, she allows for surprises to happen in the piece. She then examines the elements in the painting, such as how the eye moves around it, where value shifts occur, and what variety there is in shapes. She then shifts back into paint/play mode, and the process continues.

Through her work, Liese hopes to provide a glimpse into the process of thinking and creating that is so challenging and rewarding for her. She loves the way that painting pushes her to new heights of creativity and looks forward to continuing to explore the possibilities of abstract art.