Lara Lee Meintjes

Little Naps
Digital Edition
ID Number: 0129

Lara Meintjes is a talented illustrator originally from South Africa, currently residing in Oakland, California. With a passion for color and an eye for detail, Lara has developed a unique style that captures the imagination of her viewers. Her playful and whimsical paintings often feature tigers, which she has included in her work for years. When asked about her fascination with tigers, Lara simply responds, “they’re just so sneaky!”

Lara’s dedication to her craft is evident in the time she spends perfecting her work, often losing herself in her art while drinking tea or accidentally spilling paint water. Her love for the creative process has led her to become a successful illustrator, with her work being featured in various exhibitions and publications.

Through her art, Lara invites her audience to embrace the joy and wonder of life, reminding us to find delight in the small things. Her unique perspective and passion for color continue to inspire and captivate viewers around the world.