Kenneth Eason

Frozen Tundra
ID Number: 0070

“I am passionate about nature and natural processes. When I experience nature, out in the woods, along a shore, or even in my backyard, I feel a connection with my surroundings and simultaneously experience a wondrous excitement and inner peace. My paintings are an attempt to capture and explore that feeling.

I like working with texture and the contrasts found in nature and tend to paint impasto using brushes, paint knives, spatulas, and other tools. I work in many layers and like to leave the impression that there is more to be seen just under the surface of the painting. My recent work is with Oil and/or Encaustic (beeswax, resin, and pigment) and I often incorporate mixed media for added texture. Encaustic allows me to use natural beeswax and the element of fire to work the painted surface.”