Kenneth Eason

Frozen Tundra
ID Number: 0070

Kenneth Eason is a contemporary artist whose work centers around his deep connection with nature and natural processes. Eason’s passion for nature is evident in his paintings, which explore the wondrous excitement and inner peace he experiences when surrounded by his surroundings.

Eason’s painting technique involves working with texture and contrasts found in nature, using impasto and a range of tools such as brushes, paint knives, and spatulas. He works in many layers, building up the surface of the painting and leaving the impression that there is more to be seen just under the surface. Eason’s recent work involves the use of Oil and/or Encaustic (beeswax, resin, and pigment) and often incorporates mixed media for added texture.

Through his use of Encaustic, Eason incorporates natural beeswax and the element of fire to create depth and texture in his paintings. His work invites the viewer to connect with the natural world and explore their own inner connection with nature. Eason’s unique style and technique make him a sought-after artist, and his work has been exhibited in galleries throughout New England.