Justin Potts

ID Number: 0110

“I was born in 1972 and raised in Bucks County, PA. My father painted in oils and made mixed media works and my mother sketched flowers and practiced calligraphy.  They both influenced me growing up, as did an occurrence involving my older sister when I was 11 or 12. I vividly remember her coming home from school one day and showing me a design she had made in art class. The wavy ink lines were extremely close together but did not touch.  The intricacy and fluidity appealed to me and I began to make my own evermore detailed ink drawings. It turned into something of an obsession. 

By age 13 I had committed myself to art with fervor. I’d finish a 30-hour drawing made over the course of a few days and immediately start on the next. I found a meditative bliss in the work and have now spent the intervening 30 years consistently making things and experimenting with materials. I am self-taught and have learned by doing and being unafraid to fail. Treating my work like jazz, I’d improvise; believing there is no wrong way to do it- everything is a part of a process. If you are making you are progressing, in my view. Keeping a beginner’s mind helps me maintain a sense of wonder, which for me is essential. I am humbled and enchanted by the grandeur, complexity, and enduring mystery of life. This is at the heart of my work. Art has been my foundation in life. A great therapist and a way to honor my family and what I feel is my extended family – the whole of the universe, including you.

I value peace, kindness, consideration, humor, egalitarianism, conservation of resources, the DIY ethic, awareness, and as a lifelong Utopian, problem-solving.

I live and work in Portland, Oregon with my wife, two kids, and an underutilized Border Collie. I enjoy writing and recording solo music and play guitar and sing in an experimental rock band called Terwilliger Curves.”