Justicia Vargas

A New Day
Acrylic & Watercolor
ID Number: 0185

Justicia Vargas is a mixed-media painter and home design expert from Colorado. Drawing on her natural artistic talent, Justicia began painting in her 20s as a way to cope with a difficult period in her life. Her passion for creativity soon led her to expand her skills and help others with home redesign.

After successfully running a cleaning company, Justicia pursued a master’s certificate in Home Staging and Redesign in 2014, which helped her understand the emotional connections people have with their homes and possessions. She then founded MiMod, a design and art company, to explore and share the various styles of art and design she is drawn to.

Justicia’s artwork has been featured in the Rochester Museum of Fine Arts in New Hampshire, and she has won Best in Show in Denver’s Modernism Show in 2015. Her artistic contributions to Denver’s fine arts community have been widely recognized, including an article in 303 Magazine highlighting her participation in a RAW: natural born artists show.