Julie Serrano

Colored Etching
ID Number: 0209

Julie Serrano is a talented artist who uses oil, egg tempera, and wax as mediums for her paintings. Her artistic endeavors are not limited to painting as she is also a skilled printmaker. Her artwork often features thematic series and she is particularly drawn to creating figurative work.

“I am attracted and excited by that person’s unique essence and am very present with their inner as well as their outer being. All the work here is an attempt to capture these people in their environment,” says Julie about her artistic process.

While Julie has been creating figurative and landscape artwork for many years, she has recently been exploring more abstract expressions. Her study of encaustics has allowed her the maximum expressive possibility for subject and form. “I am very excited about the fluidity of the medium and the ability to build up, scrape away and scribe into the wax,” she explains. “I am also very intrigued with and appreciative of the mystery of the unknown as I work with abstraction.”

Her openness to the mystery and unknown in her work is reflective of her life as a past psychotherapist, Sufi guide, and Zen meditation practitioner.

Julie completed her undergraduate studies at the University of New Hampshire, where she majored in art and psychology. She went on to receive her MA in Expressive Arts Therapy from Lesley University. Julie’s art has been exhibited in several locations throughout the region, including Boston University, Prescott Park, and the Cambridge Art Association.