Jim Banks

Late Fall Island Reflection
ID Number: 0201

Jim Banks is an artist whose passion lies in the process of creation. Through painting, sculpture, computer, and conceptual art, Banks explores a variety of techniques, materials, and imagery in pursuit of artistic understanding. His focus is on the individual merit of each piece, rather than the coherence of his projects as a whole, allowing the interpretation of his work to be left to the viewer.

Banks first discovered his love for art while studying Mathematics and Psychology at UCLA, subsequently earning a degree in Psychology of Art at Bard College. His work has been exhibited in Honolulu, San Antonio, Memphis, and cities throughout the Boston area, including Cambridge, Lynn, and Provincetown. With notable awards including Cambridge Art Association Artist of the Year 2020, Best 3D Award at the Cambridge Art Association National Prize Show 2015, and 2nd in Show at the Boston Biennial, Atlantic Works Gallery, Boston, MA, Banks has solidified his place in the art world.

Through his dedication to exploring the artistic process, Banks has developed a body of work that challenges viewers to look beyond the surface and experience the creation process. His art inspires a deeper understanding of the creative process and encourages a new appreciation for the intricate work that goes into each piece.