Jessica Burko

Fragments and Alterations
Mixed Media
ID Number: 0093

Jessica Burko is a mixed-media artist whose work explores themes of fragility, transformation, and resilience through the use of traditional photography, digital technology, and a variety of materials. Her work often features images that are sewn and collaged with layers of beeswax, found papers, and wood.

The pieced, layered, and stitched techniques in Burko’s work reflect the emotions of falling apart and holding together. Her Fragments and Alterations series, in particular, showcases this technique with a unique layering of materials that give the impression of a protective translucent barrier. She describes this technique as a way to calm the chaos of everyday life and turn it into a moment of quiet reflection.

Burko’s work has been featured in numerous exhibitions throughout the United States, including the Houston Center for Photography and the Danforth Art Museum. She has received grants and awards from institutions such as the Massachusetts Cultural Council and the Puffin Foundation, and her work is held in private collections throughout the country.

Through her innovative mixed-media approach, Jessica Burko has created a body of work that explores the complexities of human emotion and the transformative power of art.