Jane Balshaw

And Then Came Summer
Monotype on Cotton with Thread
ID Number: 0102

Jane Balshaw is a 4th generation artist so learned her craft through observation and experimentation.  In her youth she earned her living as a silversmith and jewelry maker, then transitioned to dressmaker, make-up artist, aesthetician and stylist, all the while practicing carpentry & interior decorative arts for personal expression.

In the 1980s she found quilting.  It was through this medium that many of her skills came together to form her individualist style of art, using the time-honored craft traditions of cloth, needle and thread expressed through the eyes of a painter.

“My work is a contemporary expression, yet is created by borrowing tools and techniques from the Old World Decorative Arts.  The likes of skip troweling, faux graining and solvent dispersed paint make it to my fabric painting, along with the implementation of The Masters’ styles executed with thought to the Golden Ratio.  Further embellished with paper making, felting, wood burning and jewelers techniques, it all comes together in the form of a stitched or quilted textile.

It has taken me years to hone in and merge my love of the earlier time period aesthetic with my love of a modern expression.  It is my hope that when my work is viewed with the collaboration of all these parts that it promotes a feeling of awe and inspiration.”

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