Ian Hartsoe

Louis Vuitton
Archival Pigment Print
ID Number: 0013

“I’ve always been in love with photography, the way pictures can tell stories and capture some of the most unique moments in our lives and in our world. It’s why I chose to make photography my life. And why I want to help you create and share memories with your families and friends for generations to come.

After getting a degree in photography and working in the technical side of the industry, I moved to New York City from Boston to pursue a career in traditional photo printing. I am still working in the darkroom – loving it, growing from it, and getting to peek into so many different moments and realities.

I am the rare son of Boston that has come to love New York in my few years here: I’ve made new friends, fallen in love, discovered the joys of good wine, and realized that there are so many amazing moments happening at any given moment. I want to help provide everlasting images for the people of our great city.”