Frank Moth

You Loved Me A Thousand Summers Ago
Digital Edition
ID Number: 0232

Frank Moth is the artist alias of Eleftherios S. and Marianna M., who were born and raised in Veria and Heraklion, Greece. In 2014, they established the Frank Moth brand as a means of escaping the harsh present and embracing a nostalgic future.

Frank Moth is known for their unique style of creating digital collages and compositions that evoke a sense of nostalgia for a time yet to come. Their distinctive use of color palettes has received critical acclaim and their style is immediately recognizable. Their work serves as postcards from a distant, yet familiar future, providing a sense of comfort to those who experience it. Frank Moth’s artwork has been exhibited in galleries throughout Greece and internationally. Their art has also been featured in various publications and has gained a dedicated following among art enthusiasts.