Mona Lisa
Digital Edition
ID Number: 0165

FemTom is a contemporary artist based in the United States. A mother and a proud feminist, they began painting in 2015 as a means to heal from post-partum depression. They quickly fell in love with the medium and have since continued to create expressive and emotionally charged works of art.

Their paintings are a reflection of their personal experiences and beliefs, exploring themes of identity, gender, and motherhood. Their bold use of color and expressive brushstrokes create a dynamic visual language that invites viewers to engage with their work on a visceral level.

Despite the deeply personal nature of their art, their work has resonated with audiences around the world. Their paintings have been featured in galleries and exhibitions throughout the United States and beyond, garnering critical acclaim for their raw emotional power and unapologetic feminist perspective.

Through their art, they continue to inspire and empower people everywhere to speak their truths and claim their space in the world.