Domonique Brown

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ID Number: 0061

Domonique Brown is an accomplished illustrator and designer hailing from Pomona, CA, currently based in Los Angeles. Brown is recognized for her striking portraits that celebrate diversity and underrepresented communities. Her art has garnered extensive acclaim, featuring in various esteemed publications, including Forbes, Target, Urban Outfitters, Buzzfeed, and HBO’s Insecure.

As an artist, Brown aims to provide a voice for those who have been historically underrepresented in the art world. “Our voices, ideas, and stories still remain unspoken for in the art world,” she notes. Through her work, Brown seeks to spark new discussions and highlight the stories that have gone untold. “I want my portraits to tell unknown stories; I want people of color to be represented,” she asserts.

In addition to her impressive illustration work, Brown also has an extensive background in design. Her expertise in design allows her to blend her artistic vision with practical applications to create unique and engaging pieces. Brown’s artistry has touched the hearts of many, and her contributions to the world of art continue to inspire and uplift audiences.