Desire Feldmann

Digital Edition
ID Number: 0148

Desirée Jaromicz Feldmann is a Brazilian artist born in 1989 in Santa Cruz do Sul, RS. She currently resides in Brasília, DF, where she creates her unique and thought-provoking works of art. With a background in fashion and visual communication, Desirée has worked with several graphic designers and provided support for architectural projects.

Desirée describes her work as a hybrid research of materials and processes, and she is deeply interested in how they behave in relation to each other. She proposes objects, sculptures, paintings, and installations that explore the expanded perspective of a living matter in relation to the space-body of the observer and the physical space of the exhibition. To achieve this, she utilizes various techniques such as sewing, painting, video, photography, and performance.

Desirée has been involved in several important projects and exhibitions. In 2022, she participated in the Interclinical orientation group, which was promoted by Ateliê 397. She is currently participating in the critical accompaniment of Casa da Escada Colorida with curator Ana Elisa Lidizia. Additionally, Desirée’s work was selected for the 28th Salão de Artes de Vinhedo in 2022 and the 18th Ubatuba Art Hall.

With her unique approach and multifaceted techniques, Desirée Jaromicz Feldmann is a rising star in the Brazilian art scene. Her works are thought-provoking and innovative, encouraging viewers to contemplate their relationship with the world around them.