Claudia Rippee

George’s Famous Chicken Tenders
ID Number: 0018

Claudia Rippee is a photographer and teacher with a passion for pinhole photography and the wet plate process. Her work has taken her across Europe, where she captures the beauty of street scenes, and back home where she creates still-life photographs and portraits of both friends and strangers.

Rippee’s interest in photography goes beyond her personal work, as she has taught photography at the NH Institute of Art for over a decade. She has also been recognized for her contributions to the arts community and is a juried member of the New Hampshire Art Association and a board member of the NH Society of Photographic Artists.

In addition to her work as a photographer and teacher, Rippee co-founded the nonprofit arts group ArtFront. This multidisciplinary arts advocacy foundation invites the community to enjoy and experience the arts in all of their expressive forms.

Rippee’s photography showcases her unique approach to capturing the world around her. Her use of pinhole photography and the wet plate process adds a timeless quality to her work, which is infused with a sense of nostalgia and wonder.

Through her photographs, Rippee invites the viewer to see the beauty in everyday moments and to appreciate the world around us in new and unexpected ways. Her work serves as a reminder to slow down and take in the world with fresh eyes, always looking for new opportunities to capture and share the beauty of the world around us.