Catherine Graffam

Thee Space Between
Intaglio Print
ID Number: 0105

“I am an artist and educator based in Boston. I received my BFA from the New Hampshire Institute of Art in 2015, and since have shown work internationally both in museums and galleries. I was named one of 2017’s “Remarkable Women” by NH Magazine, which is pretty cool. Most recently, I was profiled in The Jealous Curator’s new book A Big Important Art Book (Now With Women!), interviewed in TIME magazine on transgender issues, and had my work accepted into the permanent collection of the Library of Congress. 

Currently, I manage exhibitions at Gallery 263 in Cambridge, MA, and am a faculty member as Lasell University. I am an InterACT Youth Member as well as an executive committee member for the Boston LGBT+ Artist Alliance.

Self-portraiture is a way of cathartically processing my emotions as well as an important means of reflecting on life experiences. I use myself as a vehicle for storytelling as well as regaining agency over my body as a trans woman. Abstraction is often used in a piece as a coping mechanism for confronting my own image, manifesting discomfort through the language of brushstrokes. 

By continuing the tradition of oil painting, I am engaging with a medium that has voyeuristically objectified women since its conception. My work confronts the viewer as it engages with that history, and additionally humanizes and individualizes my existence through the process of painting.”

Donated by Robert Manchester