Calvin Libby

Birch Trees in Autumn
Pen & Ink, Watercolor
ID Number: 0081

Calvin Jacob Libby was a talented artist, born on June 22, 1931, and raised on a farm in Stowe, Vermont. He received his education from the University of Vermont, The New England School of Art in Boston, and the Museum of Modern Art in Trier, Germany while serving in the armed forces.

After his military service, Libby moved to New York City, where he worked as an Art Director for an advertising agency. Despite his successful career in advertising, Libby remained deeply committed to his art, and continued to create throughout his life.

Libby’s wife, Ann, was also passionate about the arts and theatre. The couple met while attending The New England School of Art, and their shared love of creativity formed the foundation of their relationship.

Although Libby passed away in 1998, his legacy as an artist lives on through his unique style and approach to art. His dedication to his craft and willingness to experiment with different mediums and techniques continue to inspire artists today.