Anita NH

Blanche Big
ID Number: 0099

Anita is a self-taught collage artist who found her passion for creativity later in life. After experiencing a mid-life crisis, she left her corporate job and settled in rural New Hampshire to pursue her artistic dreams. She is also the proud owner of Anita’s Beads and Toad Hollow Minerals, where she designs beautiful and unique jewelry pieces.

Anita’s love for creativity doesn’t end with jewelry design; she is also an accomplished fabric and digital art print designer. Her collage artwork is a unique blend of various materials, including vintage paper, fabric, and found objects. She seamlessly incorporates these elements to create a cohesive and visually striking composition.

As a former librarian, Anita has always been drawn to books and their potential to spark the imagination. This love for literature often inspires her artwork, and she incorporates book pages into many of her pieces. Her work has been featured in several galleries and exhibitions, and her digital prints can be found in various online marketplaces.

Anita’s journey from the corporate world to a thriving self-employed artist is a testament to the power of following one’s passions. She continues to inspire others to embrace their creativity and pursue their dreams through her art and business.