Amy Marie Regan

Archival Pigment Print
ID Number: 0047

Amy Marie Regan is an artist and photographer from Windham, NH. Amy studied photography at the New Hampshire Institute of Art, in Manchester, NH, and graduated with a BFA in 2008. Her work has been featured in a variety of venues such as Art Current in Provincetown, MA, and Wyatt Art Studios in Rochester, NH. She co-founded the Rochester Museum of Fine Arts in 2011 and serves as the co-chair. She also serves as a member of the Commission for Arts & Culture for the City of Rochester, NH. Amy received the President’s Volunteer Service Award in 2018.
“My work is about moments that create a scene. A second beforehand or a second after and the image would mean nothing; they themselves are almost pure luck. There are no grandiose landscapes or the ravages of war. There are people on their way to work or three elegant lines. It is these moments within the mundane that excite me. They are all around.”