Alicia Sampson Ethridge

Thunder In Our Hearts
ID Number: 0221

Alicia Sampson Ethridge is a contemplative artist and mother of two, whose vibrant, textured, and bold artwork explores the intersection of figuration and abstraction. Born in New Jersey in 1984, she moved to Maine in 2008, where she studied abstract painting, experimental, and figurative drawing at Maine College of Art. It was during this time that Ethridge cofounded the SEVEN artists collective with a group of fellow painters.

After working as a grief counselor employing expressive art therapies for six years, Ethridge was initiated into the Interspiritual Order of Art Monastics in 2014. However, it was her personal journey through her son’s congenital heart defect, and his subsequent life-saving heart transplant that led her to lean into painting as a means of healing herself. From that point on, Ethridge has been working as a full-time artist.

Ethridge’s work is heavily influenced by myth, ancestry, dreams, nature, and motherhood. Her ability to blend these elements into a cohesive and powerful artistic expression has led to her inclusion in recent exhibitions throughout Maine, New Hampshire, and Illinois. These exhibitions have included prestigious galleries such as the Center for Maine Contemporary Art, Rockland, ME, and Katzman Contemporary, Dover, NH, as well as the Harlow Gallery, Hallowell, ME, and Zero Station, Portland, ME.

Today, Ethridge’s studio is located in York, ME, where she continues to create artwork that explores the complexities of the human experience through a uniquely personal lens.

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