Adam O’Day

Rochester Aerial 2
ID Number: 0212

Adam O’Day is a skilled painter residing in Abington, MA, who obtained his BFA in Illustration/Design from The Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University. His impressive body of work has been featured in esteemed galleries and cultural institutions throughout Boston, New York City, Atlanta, London, and New London, CT.

Previously, O’Day had approached representational paintings with a more dreamlike quality. However, in his latest series, his color palettes exhibit a more lifelike quality, which is inspired by observation rather than memory. The reason for this change is that the artist has returned to the world after spending two years in the studio, painting interiors, still lifes, and sinks.

More recently, Adam has ventured out to paint landscapes and cityscapes, something he hasn’t done in a few years. The main objective of this collection is to reveal the connection between natural and urban environments. O’Day seeks to demonstrate how mark-making and color can create a link between the two subjects.

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