Daniel Fleming

December 5, 2020 - December 18, 2020

“Our sense of self, and our understanding of ourselves, has never been more important than in the present day. Not only are we rushing to keep up with a deluge of daily news and events, but with the current pandemic and various states of lockdown spreading throughout the world, our proximity to our “selves” and, perhaps more importantly, our ability to escape from our selves, has been reduced in ways never before experienced.

While many seek to lead others to a conclusion they support, I too am exploring my own reactions to the subjects and events my paintings address, organically reaching an understanding that was not there when the painting started. Through experimentation, automatic painting, and chance, scenes emerge, almost as an abstraction that is slowly focused and formed into the surreal landscapes and figurative groupings recognizable throughout the last few years of my work.”

“While I have an interpretation and understanding of my paintings, I want each viewer to use the symbols, objects, and titling I have used to interpret and understand the subject from their own perspective. In doing so, each viewer not only becomes more in tune with the narrative presented, but they also reveal truths about themselves and their own beliefs that they may otherwise overlook.

We can be told what to feel and what to see and try to truly feel that ourselves or we can take control of the narrative and understand our own perspective. I, and my paintings, seek to promote the latter.”

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