Brian Chu

April 6, 2019 - May 31, 2019
65 South Main Street, Rochester, NH 03867

Brian Chu teaches painting, drawing, and printmaking at the University of New Hampshire. He also taught the UNH study abroad program in Ascoli Piceno, Italy, and in Chengdu University, China.   

Brian went to Artist Residencies at France, Spain, Canada, New York, Vermont, Maine, and New Hampshire, some with honors such as Clowes Fellowship at the Vermont Studio Center and the Milton & Sally Avery Residency Award at Byrdcliffe, New York.  He has exhibited in New York, California, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and throughout New England. Reviews of his work have appeared in Art New England and the Philadelphia Enquirer.

“All of my paintings start from observation, be it a piece of fruit, a person, or a cityscape. Most of the time, however, the painting continues in the studio for many more sessions. What can only be developed in the studio is a sense of understanding that the appearance hints at but refuses to tell. The color, space, and texture I recorded in the intense engagement of observational painting are only the beginning of an evolving continuum while I embrace the unknowingness that fuels my curiosity. Fresh colors and light that I painted earlier provide the visual sensations that must be transformed to forms that talk to the mind and emotions as well.”

The pursuit of (finding) the inner life of a paintings depends much on the paint as material and the image it creates. I aspire to find the place where paint and image both exist independently and in interesting relationships. To me, the joy and mystery of seeing live in this place. The act of painting has the power of bringing my eye, mind, and imagination together to form new visions in each painting.”

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