Beth Wittenberg

Urban Landscape
August 2, 2021 - September 3, 2021
Reception: August 12, 2021 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Beth Wittenberg has been creating artwork professionally for over 25 years and currently lives and works in rural New Hampshire. Her explorative style covers many mediums including spray paint, acrylic, paper sculpture, and fiber. 

Urban Landscape explores the themes of home, permanence, and belonging. Each of these works were created in 2021, pulling from the artists’ experiences of 2020. Using her innate sense of composition, Wittenberg layers spray paint on canvas, both free form and using her vast collection of handcrafted stencils. The resulting works feel both fresh and deep, the vibrant colors pull the viewer in to explore these large scale works.

​Wittenberg received a Master of Fine Arts (1998) from the Maryland Institute College of Art after beginning graduate coursework in Art Education (1991) from the Rochester Institute of Technology. Undergraduate work includes a Bachelor of Fine Arts (1991) and Bachelor of Arts (1989) from Slippery Rock University. 

Her work has been exhibited extensively throughout the United States. Recent exhibitions include the Franklin Gallery in Rochester, NH (2020); Buoy Gallery in Kittery, ME (2020); Engine Gallery in Biddeford, ME (2020), and the Harlow Gallery, Gallowell, ME (2019). Art residencies have included the Carina House on Monhegan Island, ME sponsored by Gallery East of Frederick, MD (2018) and a six week residency at the The Griffin Art Center, in Frederick, MD (2018). A true multi medium artist, Wittenberg has also published a number of zines including Innerscapes (2015-16) and Sleep Walking, the companion book to her solo exhibition at the University of Maine Farmington Art Gallery in Farmington, Maine (2018). Wittenberg collaborated with fashion brand apathy. in 2018 to make a collection of single edition apparel. Wittenberrg received the Min Colors Artroom Award for Outstanding Artist (2016) and was recognized with the Spotlight on the Arts Award for Outstanding Artist – Non-Traditional Media (2016). Wittenberg is represented by the Art Center in Dover, NH. 

Wittenberg lives with her wife, Sheri, her dog, Penny, and two bonded rescue dogs. Beth maintains an open invitation to other artists who wish to collaborate and opens her home to do such.

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