Matt Wyatt

Thank God (And Greyhound) You're Gone
Digital Collage
ID Number: 0205

Matt Wyatt is a prolific multi-media artist who has captured the attention of both regional and national audiences. Based in Rochester, New Hampshire, Wyatt’s work spans a range of mediums, including abstract expressionism, collage, and photography.

Wyatt’s passion for art has been evident from a young age, and he went on to study at the New Hampshire Institute of Art (Manchester, NH) to hone his skills. He further expanded his knowledge and expertise by earning a certificate in Digital Photography from eCornell, Cornell University’s prestigious online program.

Throughout his career, Wyatt’s work has been exhibited in a variety of venues, from the Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington, DC to the Diane Von Furstenberg Studio in New York City. He has also had the privilege of showing his work at Art Current in Provincetown, MA, and The Gatehouse Gallery in Tamworth, NH.

Wyatt’s art is characterized by its bold use of color, texture, and composition. His abstract expressionist pieces are dynamic and energetic, capturing a sense of movement and fluidity. His collages are intricate and layered, drawing the viewer’s eye to unexpected details and creating a sense of depth and dimension. And his photography is both striking and contemplative, showcasing the beauty of the world around us in new and unexpected ways.

Overall, Wyatt is an artist whose work challenges and inspires, inviting us to see the world through a new lens and encouraging us to embrace the full range of human experience. With his innovative use of materials and techniques, he has cemented his place as one of the most exciting and dynamic artists working today.