Kelly Moore

Slow Boat
ID Number: 0084

Kelly Moore is a self-taught, renegade folk artist based in Santa Fe, known for his unique and original creations that blend elements of outsider art, art brut, and folk art. Originally from the Ozarks of Arkansas, Kelly’s colorful paintings feature a whole variety of strange figures and beasts, often arranged in a carnival-like procession or set within a distant landscape. His compositions are characterized by lettering, swirling colors, thick impasto, and a dark surrounding atmosphere, showcasing different series of strange figures, including ghosts, or ornamental beasts lined up in rows. His work has been featured in numerous solo and group exhibits across the US and Europe, and is held in many public and private collections. An impressive documentation of Kelly’s work can be found in a published book. Kelly’s art is a reflection of his unique vision and originality, making him one of the most notable creators of Folk Art in the United States.