Daniel Fleming

Far From My Mother’s Home: The General
ID Number: 0020

Daniel Fleming currently works full-time as an illustrator and designer for The Shepherd Express and has been their main go-to designer and illustrator for a variety of outside clients, both for the paper and their internal design company, Express Creative, for over three years. He’s taken on a variety of tasks and projects throughout the years, getting hands-on experience designing everything from romance novels to trade-show booths.

Although his current full-time employment is design-based, he has simultaneously been building a career as an emerging fine artist and saw his best year yet in 2013 with multiple solo and group shows, increasing sales, and also became a finalist in the “Tournavation Pitch” alongside such big local names as Reginald Baylor and John Rippenoff. Despite continuing to work full-time, he’s steadily inching closer to his goal of becoming a “full-time artist” and hopes to progress even more in the coming year with new mural projects, show proposals, and new art/business ventures.

“I explore a variety of social and political issues, creating insight into perspectives and ideas that many would not otherwise encounter. I take pride in creating work that spans various religious, political and cultural boundaries, creating a discussion and narrative that informs the viewer of the vast world around them. With a combination of symbol, representation, mark-making and a unique approach to titling, I provide various aspects of a topic and ask the viewer, using their own experiences and perspectives, to discover their own narrative in the work. This leads to an ever-changing and ever-growing artwork that develops alongside the people who view it. Though I call myself a painter, I use a wide variety of media and am always exploring new tools and techniques. While I almost always include painting in my work, drawing and mark-making has become an equally important aspect of my recent collections, as exemplified in this series of ink-drawings and paintings.”