Daniel Fleming

Far From My Mother’s Home: The General
ID Number: 0020

Daniel Fleming is a versatile artist who has made a name for himself in both the design and fine art worlds. Currently, he works as a full-time illustrator and designer for The Shepherd Express, where he has been the go-to designer and illustrator for a variety of clients for over three years. Despite his busy schedule, Fleming has also been building a career as an emerging fine artist.

Fleming’s artwork explores a range of social and political issues and spans various religious, political, and cultural boundaries. His work invites viewers to engage in meaningful discussions and narratives, encouraging them to explore their own experiences and perspectives. Fleming uses a unique approach to titling his work, which adds an extra layer of depth to his pieces.

Although he primarily identifies as a painter, Fleming incorporates a wide variety of media into his work. He is always exploring new tools and techniques, with drawing and mark-making becoming an increasingly important aspect of his recent collections, as evidenced in his latest series of ink-drawings and paintings.

Despite his many achievements in both the design and fine art worlds, Fleming is committed to his goal of becoming a full-time artist. His best year to date was 2013, where he had multiple solo and group shows, increasing sales, and became a finalist in the “Tournavation Pitch,” alongside local art luminaries Reginald Baylor and John Rippenoff.

With new mural projects, show proposals, and new art/business ventures on the horizon, Fleming is poised for continued success in the coming year. As an artist, he continues to push the boundaries of his creativity and create thought-provoking work that inspires and challenges viewers.